Food Bazaar

Food Bazaar is a part of BigBazaar which is inbuilt in Big Bazaar premises and is specially meant for FMCG products.  Food Bazaar supermarket is also available as a separate store at different locations. It is also a part of Future Group. Future Bazaar is mainly meant for Fast Moving Consumer goods but some other consumer items are also available at Food Bazaar.

The most interesting part of Food bazaar in India is the ready to eat peeled and cut vegetables and fruits , different dough to make many South Indian and North Indian Dishes. To make dough for many south Indian dishes is a big headache for homemakers and when they find it readily available at food bazaar they can not afford to leave it. Clean cut vegetables is also a great facility for working women who don’t have time for all these activities.

Some food bazaar stores are giving some very unmatched services like the customers can select different grain combination for their flour and staff will grind the grains for you in few minutes according to your requirement. On vegetables and fruits counter the customers can get the vegetable and fruits of their need peeled and sliced according to their need. There are also counters to pay different bills also to save time while shopping. The director of Future group says that they want place in heart of people so they are going for such innovative ideas.

Free gifts on a particular purchase and buy one get one free kind of schemes are the most important part of Big Bazaar sale strategy and this can also be easily seen at Food Bazaar outlets. These schemes lead to bigger bills for consumer and high sales for the future group. It is a great platform for few small and new coming companies to introduce their products in the market. They easily come in notice of people and thus their advertising cost diminishes.

There is a large variety of every single product is available. From small new coming brands to Large International brands all are available under one roof and consumer can choose according to its budget. Different companies also offer demo and free sampling of products at Food bazaar so the consumer is the king and can taste the product without spending can buy only if he like the product. Onsite sampling is a great way to attract customers as many consumers don’t buy the new brand as they have not tried so when they get sampling in stores they can go for new brands too.

Food Bazaar is the only part of Future group which brings all homemakers to Big Bazaar and Food Bazaar to the hypermarket every week.  It adds a great revenue to Big Bazaar.

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